March 2017

2017-03-28Statistical review of the season opener 2017
2017-03-26Allez les bleus: Three Frenchmen win in the Manthey-Porsche
2017-03-24Cayman GT4 Trophy by Manthey-Racing starts its second season
2017-03-24priconracing with a double attack in class V4
2017-03-24Ahrtal-Motorsport to contest the complete VLN season
2017-03-22VLN season opener: It will be a true festival
2017-03-20187 cars registered for the 2017 season
2017-03-19The new Wochenspiegel-Ferrari has arrived
2017-03-16VLN livestream on the internet in German and English languages for 2017
2017-03-14Nexen-Mini in the VLN again in 2017
2017-03-13Hankook exclusive tyre partner in VLN classes GT4 and TCR
2017-03-12mathilda racing starts in the new TCR class with three cars
2017-03-10Land-Motorsport starts the new season with works support
2017-03-09Frikadelli-Racing participates in the season 2017 with a Porsche
2017-03-07Falken to enter a Porsche and a BMW in the 2017 VLN
2017-03-06KÜS Team75 Bernhard will compete in the ”Green Hell”
2017-03-03„sport auto“ new, old media partner of the der VLN
2017-03-02Moritz Oberheim signs junior contract with Manthey-Racing
2017-03-01Opel Cup-Champion Glib changes to the BMW-Cup for 2017

February 2017

2017-02-28TJ-Racing starts in 2017 with an updated Calibra
2017-02-27GTronix Team mcchip-dkr enters a Renault R.S. 01 GT3
2017-02-24TMG GT86 Cup: New teams at the start
2017-02-23Dunlop Art Car 2017: sexy and eye-catching
2017-02-23ABT will start at the „Green Hell“ together with Bentley
2017-02-17New design for the LifeCarRacing-BMW
2017-02-13A highly motivated Rent2Drive-racing team will start the new VLN season with Christian Menzel
2017-02-10First Peugeot 308 Racing Cup vehicle delivered to Nett Motorsport
2017-02-09PROsport celebrates a class win in “down under“
2017-02-08Timo Scheider and Marc Basseng will also start in the VLN 2017 for BMW
2017-02-07ROWE extends its sponsoring activities in the VLN

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