October 2017

2017-10-22Michael Schrey defended his title successfully
2017-10-20Sample calculations to the 2017 championship?
2017-10-19Award for the VLN as the best national grassroots racing series again
2017-10-18A get together of top stars
2017-10-18The Opel Astra TCR is also victorious in endurance racing
2017-10-13Right tyre choice paid out for Milltek Racing
2017-10-12Debutant Piana catching attention in the Cup3
2017-10-07Vanthoor and Winkelhock break new ground
2017-10-05VLN to start into its finale
2017-10-04Classification of VLN round seven amended

September 2017

2017-09-29Surprise provided by Pit Lane - AMC Sankt Vith in the GT86 Cup
2017-09-28Marcel Manheller now in the lead of the VLN championship
2017-09-27Mühlner Motorsport takes day victory and title
2017-09-25Christensen / Estre take fourth Manthey victory in 2017
2017-09-21Simoncini to contest the 600th race of his career at VLN7
2017-09-20Full speed ahead into the last third of the season – everyone at every level
2017-09-09Fifth win for Zils/Fischer/Konnerth
2017-09-08Cayman GT4-Trophy: Osieka and Schiller victorious at their debut
2017-09-07Stuck brothers win KTM X-BOW-Cup and finish 15h overall
2017-09-07Swiss Racing reduces gap in the TMG GT86 Cup
2017-09-05Strycek catches up with Schall
2017-09-03Land-Motorsport takes first victory for Audi in the VLN 2017

August 2017

2017-08-31The success story continues
2017-08-30Race 6 with a lot to offer
2017-08-29Debut in the VLN for BWT Mücke Motorsport
2017-08-29KTM offers test drives during the VLN test days
2017-08-25Mühlner Motorsport heading for the title win
2017-08-24Hoffmeister / Barth had to fight from the rear of the field in the CupX class
2017-08-24Milltek Racing has the Cup victory within reach
2017-08-20Battle in the rain: A case for Manthey-Racing

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