First private participation of the Opel Astra TCR

At the 6h ADAC Ruhr-Pokal-Rennen, Raphael Hundeborn, Marc Legel, Roman Löhnert and Stephan Kuhs will celebrate their return to the VLN. They will be the first customer team to drive an Opel Astra TCR – a true debut in the endurance championship. The driver quartet last competed successfully for three years in the Opel Astra OPC Cup. In 2016, they even became vice-champions with the Cup 1 vehicle.

“We wish to test the car at the Nordschleife during the 6h Race and become familiar with it. As we have really appreciated the cooperation with Kissling Motorsport during the last years, Opel was the only option for us. We are very excited to be the first team to compete on a private basis in the long-distance race. That’ll be a true challenge”, says Hundeborn who has been active in the VLN since 2010. The Hessian race driver has previously already used a Seat Leon Supercopa and a VW Scirocco in the VLN series. The 38 years old is now determined to score a good result with his team in the Opel Astra TCR. Hundeborn left it hereby open for now whether they will do more races after the VLN round on 19th August. This decision remains to be taken after the 6h Race.

What is clear, though, is that the crew members Hundeborn, Löhnert, Legel will start in all of the races of the next VLN season. The 24h Race is also on their calendar for 2018. The car is prepared in the private workshop of Hundeborn. Like in the past years, the participations will again be managed and run by the racing team of Bonk-Motorsport.