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Official start of construction 27th September, 1925

Official opening 18th June, 1927

First event 19th June, 1927 German GP

First event new GP circuit 12th May, 1984 (Opening event)

First event including Mercedes-Arena 12th April, 2002 (Endurance Championship)

Original track length 22.8km Nordschleife + 7.7km Südschleife = 28km, (89 lefthanders, 84 righthanders)

Costs About 15 million Reichsmark, jobs for up to 3,000 unemployed persons for two years

Length Grand Prix circuit 5.148km (including Mercedes-Arena and NGK-Chicane)

Length Grand Prix circuit 5.137km (including Mercedes-Arena and Motorbike-Chicane)

Length sprint track Grand Prix circuit 3.629 km (including Mercedes-Arena and NGK-Chicane)

Length sprint track Grand Prix circuit 3.618 km (including Mercedes-Arena and Motorbike-Chicane)

Track width sprint track 10 to 13m

Track width section Mercedes-Arena 14 to 25m

Track width Müllenbachschleife

Altitude profile Beginning pit straight
620m above sea level (highest spot of the circuit)

Altitude profile Pit straight

Altitude profile Lowest spot of the Mercedes-Arena

Altitude profile Müllenbachschleife
564.70m (lowest spot of the GP circuit)

Length Nordschleife

Corners Nordschleife
73 (33 lefthanders, 40 righthanders)

Incline Nordschleife
maximum 17%

Decline Nordschleife
maximum 11%

Highest spot Nordschleife
620m (Start/Finish)

Lowest spot Nordschleife
320m (Breidscheid)

Difference in altitude Nordschleife
Approximately 300m

Track length Endurance Championship
24,358 km (Sprint track including Mercedes-Arena and Motorbike-Chicane plus Norschleife)